Face Painting Parties, Balloon Twisting Parties, Magic Shows, Princess Parties, Themed Party Characters, Event Decor, puppet shows, make over parties, art paint along parties for ALL ages, and more! Can’t decide? No problem! We book combo parties so that your guests can have the most magical time ever and you don’t have to worry about anything! Ask about our Mega Magic Party, it is our most booked party for events!

List of Services

We offer a multitude of services for a wide variety of events.  We have trained staffed members to handle organizing a birthday party to planning elaborate celebrations like weddings and corporate functions. We take care of each and every detail and can even provide the entertainment! Our goal is to provide you with as many services in one place as possible. We have extended partners that we work with to ensure that your party or celebration is the most magical experience ever! Our entertainment services vary from several types of magic shows, theatrical style face painting, balloon sculptures, balloon twisting, and party decorating. We also offer puppet shows, themed party characters, tea parties, magical make over parties, art parties, and more! Yes, that is right even more than that! So give us a call to see how we can make your next event magical!

Do you offer other services as well? Absolutely! We are an event company! Our job is to make every event a magical experience. That includes an office promotion, a baby shower, or a kindergarten graduation. We provide specialized art work for private commission and for businesses. We have entertainers that can deliver balloon-o-grams, a silly singing telegram, or a magical elf can visit your boss for Boss’ Day! All Major Holidays and Christmas are covered with us! Call us with any wacky requests and we will take care of you. Please keep in mind that we are a family oriented company so we provide only G rated experiences for our clients. We do have silly clown dancers that can come to your event for the ultimate embarrassment or congratulation dance!

Are your prices competitive with other entertainers? We work with each client individually to give the best prices possible. This is one reason why we have remained Knoxville’s top choice for family entertainment. We don’t actually check other entertainer’s prices. In this business many people come and go. Not us! As you can see we have been planning, organizing, and working since 1993! We are an established business. We price our events based on our many years of experience, professional training, and talents. We are fully insured to work the smallest event up to the largest event. We provide professional entertainment and have a fabulous list of corporate and private clients on our resume. We make each and every event as magical as possible.


Our Rates

Our rates change seasonally. We do offer special rates for non profit groups, churches, and also special fundraiser opportunities. Since we offer so many package plans, we like to work individually with clients on their specific budgets. Please contact us for our current seasonal rate.  Rates may change without notice and are only guaranteed with your signed booking agreement form. If you are hosting a large event please call for a special quote.   We have something to fit into everyone’s birthday budget!

We offer all varieties of booking options! We offer special party package pricing for individual services and for combined services. We also offer hourly rates for booking corporate and larger events. If you find that you need to hire an entertainer for an all day event then we even offer daily rates! If you are hosting a large festival or township event then we can book out multiple acts and entertainment services for the duration of your venue/event.

We can sometimes accommodate last minute bookings. However, we encourage you to book as early as you can since we tend to book two and three months in advance. Booking early also guarantees you the lowest booking rates.

Mega Magic Party Show

This is our ultimate party package  and offers a great savings. You get our  Mega Party Show which is a 40-50 minute magic show that includes puppets, songs,  live bunnies, levitating, candy, and treats for the birthday child. The birthday child is the star of the show!!! A themed character of your choice is also included.  Each guest child  also receives a treat! The second hour is traditional balloon twisting and face painting. Cheek, eye, and mask designs are offered with this party. Full faces can be added for an additional cost and you can also upgrade your balloon choices too!

Face Painting

We offer a wide variety of face painting services. There is something for everyone’s budget. It takes about 2 to 4 minutes to paint each child.In our general face painting party guests can choose from cheek art designs,  masks, and crowns. This party is great for people that plan to have several children that want to be painted. This is a standard art party. Glitter is included! Ask for our FUN FACE ART PACKAGE!

Fantasy Full face designs such as super heroes, butterfly masks, tigers, and cheetahs require booking a full face paint party. It takes about 4 to 6 minutes to paint faces like our sunset beach and our mascot the Tye Dye Tiger. Expect to service 12 to 15 children per hour for this party.  This party package  includes all of the designs that we offer for your party guests. Adults love getting painted too! Glitter is always included in the party packages. Weekends require a two hour booking minimum. Ask for our FANTASY THEATRICS FACE PAINT PACKAGE!

What if I want to book a really elaborate face design package? We book all types of painting. For special theatrical painting please book private time slots by appointment. We often take independent appointment times for dance recitals, theatrical groups, plays, and yes most definitely Halloween!!! We do not at this time offer all types fx with prosthetic pieces. Limited prosthetic applications. We do offer very elaborate designs with jewels and rhinestones. We can create something wonderful for your next group event! The designs that include jewels and rhinestones may take as few as 10 minutes or may be longer. Please call to speak with Terina about your group or plays specific needs.

Glitter Tattoo Party:

This is the perfect party for teens and tweens! tats are semi permanent and waterproof! They can last from 3 to 5 days! It only takes about 5 minutes per glitter tattoo for each guest. This is the perfect party for hot summer months and pool parties. We have over 60 different colors of glitter bling to choose from! One technician or artist can do about a dozen guests each hour. The birthday child gets a special birthday gift!

Crazy Hair Parties:

Invite up to 10 guests for this fantastically fun party. This party is great for boys and girls! Your party hosts will give each child a wild, crazy, and colorful hairstyle. We also provide lots of cool hair clip ins for fun that each guest will get in a surprise crazy bag.

Magical Make Overs:

This is a girl’s fantasy come true. This party is for up to 10 guests. Each girl can have a beautiful braided hairstyle or up do. A technician will do manicures and each guest will be pampered with light make up. Each guest receives a treat bag filled with girlie goodies. A birthday crowning ceremony will take place after each guest has been serviced.

Simple Balloon Twisting

Simple balloon designs take just a few minutes per child. With this party package the birthday child receives a special balloon and the  guests in attendance receive traditional animal balloon designs like swords, flowers, dogs, and so on.  This package is perfect for large group parties and for corporate events. You can service several children with these simple balloon designs. Please note that there is a two hour minimum required for booking on Saturdays. We have some really great balloon twisters and artists with our group.

Fun Balloon Twisting

Our medium sized package includes more elaborate balloon designs added to the traditional ones. Your guests will receive alien, kittens, turtles, and more or their choice of the traditional balloon animals.This party is for 20 to 30 guests. We call this our choice package because it includes the balloons that kids have said are their FAVORITE choices. This is our most popular party balloon package.

Ultimate Balloon Twisting

This is the ultimate balloon party package! Your guests can receive cool hats, penguins, monkeys that hang on their arms, spidey, cartoon character balloons, and larger 5 balloon twist animal sculptures. These animals take a few minutes longer to twist than regular animal balloons so estimate about 5/6 minutes for each guest that you want to receive one of those special balloons. Sometimes more than one twister is able to work. It depends on scheduling. Guests can also pick the other types of balloons like the kittens, frogs, butterflies, aliens, swords, flowers, big hearts, and more! Add an additional twister for a special discounted price.

Princess Parties 

A beautiful princess will come to your event in a professional costume. We offer the following princess characters: We have beautiful Ice Princesses, Cinderella, A Mermaid, A Beauty, A Snow White, A Repunzel, A Birthday Princess, A Medieval Princess, A Pirate Princess, and a Fairy! Our princesses offer a basic princess party that includes a magic princess story told by your princess, a magical princess game, and a magical princess crowning ceremony. Our princesses provide magical services, and we have professionally trained actresses and artists. 

You can add* a princess  or party character for most of the party packages that we offer or you can have a princess simply attend your party and interact with your guests. 

Princess Tea Party

Spoil your little princess with a lavish garden tea party! This party is for up to 10 guests and includes the Royal Magic princess and her magical helper. We do offer other princess characters just ask us! There can be a mini magic show or a story. The Royal Magic princess will set your table with real china for the princesses to use for birthday treats. Packaged treats and packaged tea are complimentary with this party for the 8 guests in attendance.  If you want to purchase additional foods then we are glad to accommodate adult guests as well! But please note that the packaged foods that we bring are for the tea party itself. The Princess will read a story to your guests while they eat birthday cake or can do this before the tea party. The guests will receive face painted glittery crowns, masks, butterflies, or designs of their choice from our princess book. Each child will receive a flower balloon, twisted heart, kitten or other appropriate princess balloon.

If you have little boy princes that are invited to the party then we will make sure to add balloons and face paint that little boys like. We can also dress the assistant as a pirate! If you have more that 10 guests that you wish to invite please inquire to see if we can make special arrangements for you. We can offer paper goods instead if you prefer not to have the china goods.

Foods that we provide are from a licensed caterer and not from Royal Magic Events directly. So, we are glad to work with you on your food service needs.

Basic Magic Show (Shows can performed as gospel magic shows as well)

This is a 30  minute magic show. It is packed full of fun! You may invite unlimited guests to watch this magical show that is filled with several sleight of hand tricks and goofy gags. It is a fun family show! Lots of audience participation makes this a fun show. Puppets can be included in the act and the birthday child is the star! Birthday child receives a magic wand!

Mega Magic Show

This is the same great magic show that is included in our mega magic party. It is a 40 to 50 minute show with live a bunny rabbit that the birthday child themselves produce! The birthday child may levitate!*(weight limit does apply) There is a mind reading bunny! There are several puppets, and each guest receives a treat! This party is for up to 25 children. Your guest children will receive a magical treat and the birthday child will be lavished with attention and will receive a magic wand, and several birthday presents that our magic puppet land puppets will give them.

Walk around Magic-Great for larger events and wedding receptions

Our Royal Magician will entertain guest with strolling magic and up close amazement. He will make things appear and disappear right before your eyes! Dan the Magic man will wow your guests with his award winning multiplying rabbits routine! Magic Mark can make can “change” things right before your eyes! Ben is a comedy magician that specializes in large group fun!

Magical Puppet Show. This half hour puppet show has many puppets and makes a great first birthday party. Lots of fun and thrills, gifts, and magic. It s customized to your specific birthday child!

We also offer special shows, parties, and characters for Christmas and all major holidays. We also offer Singing Santa Grams at Christmas. Please call or write for more details.

I’m ready to book a party! What do I need to do?

Simply call to confirm your dates with us or use the online form to contact us. You can initially send in an email if you prefer. We will e-mail you our easy to understand agreement form.  We pencil in your date and hold it for 4 days. We must receive your 50% non-refundable booking fee with your signed contract in order to hold your date. When we have both of these items from you then you will receive a booking confirmation from us. We also require that the balance is paid in full two weeks prior to your event. This gives us time to verify the funds are available from your check. We do not collect at parties. We often have more than one event to attend and we also do not want to ruin the “magic” of a child seeing us receive our paychecks. We do ask that you please consider giving a gratuity to your workers for a job well done. We must have a valid working phone number and party address. We encourage all of our clients to come meet us in person. We talk to all of our clients on the phone at least once or twice before the party dates.

We do accept credit cards through PayPal and Square. You do not need a PayPal account in order to send money to us. You can pay using your bank account or any credit card with PayPal. Please call or write privately for the PayPal email address. If you book with us then we are able to send you an email invoice to pay from your computer. You can always come by the office to drop off papers and payments. We do require an appointment as that the office is also a working artist studio where we teach and train other professionals, students, and artists.