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General Policies

We require a 25% non-refundable deposit to hold your desired date. We also require a signed contract that we will be glad to e-mail you upon your pre-reservation. Simply call us to book a date and we will confirm availability of your date.We will pencil you in for 4 days as we wait upon your deposit. If your deposit is not received then we open that date back up for another client to book. We do also accept PayPal. You do not have to have an account with PayPal to process your regular credit card payment. We do charge a $5 processing fee for credit card payments.

We make it one of our policies to speak to our clients verbally over the phone before we come to perform a show. This gives the client the opportunity to ask any questions before the party date. We welcome appointments to be made if you wish to meet us in person before a show date. We also encourage you to call with any questions. If you place a call on a weekend please be patient as that we are probably at another party. We will call you back as soon as we can.

Your balance is due one week prior to your show date. We do this for many reasons. It gives us time to ensure that funds are available in checking accounts. It gives us the opportunity to keep the “magic” for little ones that do not need to see the performers getting paid. We often have more than one party to work and this helps us to keep our schedule running smoothly. Our performers are kept safe from traveling with large amounts of money. Tips are accepted and appreciated after a party.


We are hired for services stated on your contract only. We do not offer child care and are not licensed to do so. Adults MUST be in attendance at all parties and shows, and be responsible to oversee children that are in attendance. We love kids and we love parties. We want to make sure that everyone has a great time!

We ask that if you have a party with live bunnies that children obey the petting rules that the care taker explains. Children must wash their hands with sanitizer before petting bunnies. Children are not allowed to take rabbits out of the cages on their own. We do know that our bunnies are the cutest ever and we want to make sure that everyone gets a chance to pet the bunnies. Children that do not follow the rules or poke or hurt the bunnies will not be allowed to play with the bunnies. Although our bunnies are very tame and have never bitten anyone, petting the bunnies is at your own risk.

We also ask that parents not allow their children to play inside the make up cases or balloon storage bins. Both of these places are very colorful and can often get attention from little ones. Make up cakes must remain clean and sanitary for our guests and so we ask that only the painter or balloon twister handle these products.


Our show contract states our performing policies and our stage requirements for individual venues and party details. Each party has some requirements that you should be aware of before booking like set up time, electrical outlets, and travel fees if they apply, and what to expect. Our cancellation and transfer polices are stated in this contract. Please read them carefully before signing. We do not refund the 25% non-refundable policy. This is our booking fee to hold your date.

May I tip the performers?

Yes, you may tip the performers if you are pleased with services. Tips are very much appreciated for a job well done.




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